Schedule Gone Awry

For the most part, the schedule I drew up yesterday worked for me today. I managed to get three hours of writing done, three hours of reading, and one hour of exercise. Not suprisingly, the whole schedule was thrown out of whack when a simple downgrading of my website hosting plan went awry and I had to pause to fix that. But I did get around to everything else, even if it was in the wrong order.

The one thing I did that was not planned was take a nap. It turned out that the schedule was really just too much for me, at least on this first day. I think part of that was the fact that it got screwed up. I was supposed to get my reading done in the morning, before lunch, when I still had energy. Since I ended up using some of that pre-lunch time to get this website and my other website back up and running, I ended up doing the balance of my reading after lunch.

By the time I was done with my reading my eyes were so heavy and my brain so tired that I just allowed myself to pass out on the couch until it was time for my walk. I felt guilty for a little while, but I went on my walk and then I felt better.

Stef came home and she was upset about what she was going to do about finishing up her MEd this fall. Originally she had planned to work part-time and spend the rest of her time doing an internship. She really couldn’t see how it was going to work, now that I am unemployed and we need her paycheck. We talked and I reminded her of all the brilliant things she’s done and of how her resume is really a marketing tool that is meant to be fiddled with for each job. She just never realizes that she’s got the experience, that she’s got the skills, and that all she needs help with is making that one or two pages of resume really exhibit that.

She felt better after our talk mentally, but she had worried herself sick. Instead of cooking the steak tips I’d taken out earlier in the day, I went out and picked up some food from Panera Bread (a salad for her and a sandwich for me). We watched more of the Smallville DVDs we bought and now it’s time for bed.