Task Completion

I had decided earlier in the week that I would take at least one day to myself per week to get away from the rigors of the schoolwork. Today was the day I did that. It actually didn’t matter what I did, just that I got out of the house. That was the key. Sitting around watching movies, I suppose, would’ve been an acceptable day away from the work. But, it wouldn’t have gotten me out of here, where I’ve been couped up for most of the week.

I spent most of the early part of the day running errands with JonMartin. He wasn’t feeling well, so I got to drive, and it felt kind of like old times. Ever since Jon got his license, I haven’t really done much driving on our adventures together. That’s been just fine with me for the most part. I don’t mind being the one who just gets to sit there. But, it’s good to know that every once in a while I can still be the dude who helps out his friends like I did back in high school.

I took care of some business at Lesley on the way back from Jon’s and then I took a few minutes to head over to a former coworker’s place across town in Merrimack. Scott had something I had forgotten at work on Monday and I had a key that I needed to return besides. The nice bonus of the trip was that I finally got to check out his very nice house and his even nicer home theater set-up.

All in all, it was a nice day away from the new routine. Plus, I still managed to get things done, like dropping off those forms at Lesley. I guess I just can’t help building task-completion into each of my days.