Maybe it was because I stayed up late to watch the Patriots lose last night or maybe it was because I was stressed out about finally getting to read the comments from my advisor on the latest piece I submitted. Whatever it was, I had a hard time doing anything but vegging or napping today. Maybe it was the heat as well. It was too damn hot out today to do anything. I don’t know. What I know is that I feel yucky, consumed by anxiety, and I want it to stop.

My advisor had some pretty encouraging overall comments and that was great. I think that maybe his line comments are what’s bugging me out. They’re very useful too, but they leave me wondering if I am just making the same mistakes over and over again in my writing. If that’s the case, have I really learned anything? It’s that kind of downward spiral I feel like I’ve been on today.

It was one of those days where, if I hadn’t spent so much time napping, I probably would have fought with Stephanie a lot. She’s the one who’s around, so she is typically the one I vent to and fight with. I’m glad that I slept instead.

Have I mentioned that I’m trying to grow out the facial hair again? It has never worked in the past, but I’ve probably never given it enough time. I am really curious.

Have I mentioned that Stef wants a dog, that I do too, but that I keep being the one to shoot down the idea? One of my coworkers mentioned that he found the time to train his dog when he was unemployed. That’s when they first got the dog. I told Stef that and I think she’s convinced that’s what we should do. I’m not convinced that it’s something we shouldn’t do. I’m just trying to be careful.