A Mixture of Hot and Cold

I called my brother tonight to wish him a happy birthday and we talked for a few minutes while I walked up to get the mail and he watched a fat kid playing Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade he was standing outside of. As a writer with an overactive imagination, this image amused me greatly. I was also happy to hear that John had picked up my book for the first time and had really enjoyed the first story contained therein. It made me smile.

There were many things that made me smile today, actually, John’s rave review of my story only being one of them. Finished Anywhere But Here and having plenty of ideas for my paper on that book was one thing. The Red Sox winning and the Yankees getting their asses kicked—that was another. My trip out to the bar for a drink was one more. I’ll need to stop doing that as a weekly thing eventually, I’m sure, but it has helped me get through these first couple of weeks.

One thing that didn’t make me smile was seeing how upset Stef was after her day at work. It seems that her employer is completely unwilling to pay her what she’s worth and really, she’s stuck there because I don’t have a job. Not only does this place her in a bad position, it makes me realize that I probably need to work much harder at getting back to work. That sucks, because I am really enjoying this freedom of being able to work on my writing and reading. I feel like I’m making great strides again, something that I haven’t been doing for months.

Anyway, like most days it was a mixture of hot and cold.