I got frustrated enough that I finally took a full day off and went driving. My aim was to find some inspiration for how to tackle the revision of this chapter I’ve been working on and I think I did find some magic while driving. In fact, I think I’ve totally reimagined what this chapter should be. The problem with that is that I now have only fifteen days to rewrite the damn thing and with the way I’ve been writing this week (not at all) that could be a problem.

The driving was a temporary fix for my anxiety, though. I drove to Cape Ann in the morning, driving Rte. 127, which runs along the coast of Rockport and Gloucester. It’s some of the prettiest scenery in Massachusetts in my humble opinion. That’s where most of the ideas came, where I began to see how badly I’d done with the chapter’s first draft and how I had to clean up my act in revising.

When I was headed back I decided I wasn’t done with driving and so I drove on down to Foxboro to check out Gillette Stadium on the afternoon before the final preseason game. I sooooooooo want to go there someday to see a game. And I hope it’s not a game like last night where they lose horribly.

The downside of the day is that, after my afternoon walk (the only part of my routine that I kept up today), I came home and got to see Stef come in upset again. Work has been getting progressively worse for her and it shows every evening and no matter how hard I try, her sadness always seems to bring me down.

Now, if the Sox would just win to make up for the Pats getting their asses kicked again, then all would be good. If the Yankees lost too, then I would be good to go to bed. But, I think I’m probably asking a little too much for one day.