Make It Like a Mac

The high point of my frustrating day, before Stef came home in a good mood and we had ourselves a very nice evening, was eating a Brownie Batter Blizzard at Dairy Queen in the Mall of New Hampshire. I did my exercise early, came home and took a shower, and decided to get out of the house the afternoon. I wandered the mall, feeling self-concious about this facial hair experiment I’ve been conducting, and I looked for DVDs that aren’t coming out till next week. Why I thought they had come out this week, I’ll never know.

I was upset for most of the day and particularly upset during the early hours after Stef’s return home. But, we talked and had a nice evening and I feel better now. She soothed me and made me feel more together than I have in a while. That was nice.

On top of it all, the Sox won and the Yanks lost.

I messed around with iTunes today, I should mention as well. I was trying to put together Smart Playlists for the 80s and a couple of years in the 90s. The trouble is that the program, right now, thinks that because a compilation of 80s hits came out in 1994 or whatever, that makes all of the songs 90s songs. So, I need to make some adjustments.

My obsession with Apple products continued, too. I found myself looking for ways to make my PC behave more like an Apple machine. I built a new toolbar that scrolls down from the top of my screen that looks like the launch bar in OS X. It was crazy how much time I spent on this.

The truth of the matter is that the last time we looked at computers, just over a year ago, we should have looked at Macs. I want to make the switch. It’s a stupid thing to be thinking about, but it’s what I"m thinking about. So, sue me.