Boring Myself

So, I was right. I spent a couple of hours this morning undoing all of the crap I did to the computer yesterday. I had to use Microsoft’s System Restore feature and bring the system back to the way it was on Friday. Then, I carefully added some of the tweaks I’d found that weren’t disruptive to the system and I spent some time with HP Customer Support to fix a couple of annoyances that had been part of using this machine since the day I bought it. Of course they couldn’t fix the big problem—that it’s a Windows machine and not a Mac—but we did get rid of the stupid little things that annoyed me everytime I shutdown or restarted the machine.

I hate it when I write boring paragraphs.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day hanging with Mom and Dad and Grandma. We did the cookout thing, the watch the Sox win thing, and, eventually, the get some ice cream thing. We went to Kimball’s in Westford. If you’ve never been, the long lines are worth the wait. It always feels like you’re waiting in line for an attraction at Disney World, but the nice thing is that the ice cream is really good.

Ugh, I’m boring myself just writing this. And, the thing is, it was a pretty fun day.