The fact that I spent the entire day futzing around with the computer again—at least it looks beautiful this time, though—was made up for by the fact that our grand old trio of emus got together to work on the screenplay that’s taken more time than Jesus. (Is that an expression? It should be.) Tonight, we all got together and we had ourselves some Chinese food and then we got to business and then we went off on a tangent and then we got back to business again and then another tangent and so on and so on.

JonMartin and Andy seemed to dig the new digs, which was good, as they were the first non-family guests we’ve had over since we moved in. In addition to futzing around with the computer during the day, I also did some cleaning. So, hopefully they were seeing it at it’s relative best. Anyway, I’m proud of my house and I’m glad they dug it.

Mostly I’m glad that they found it a comfortable place to create and to talk. That was nice. I was never the dude that hosted shit when I was younger. I feel like I kind of get to make up for that now.

The script was cool. Andy, who came into the whole thing just recently, had very solid suggestions for improvement and added a whole bunch. Andy and Jon improved a new scene. I tried to offer my best when I was inspired. When they get going though, they just run off with it. It’s neat to watch but also sometimes intimidating. I wouldn’t change it for the world, except maybe to stop myself from being intimidated.

It was a great night, all in all. While we were writing, the Sox won and the Yankees lost, and that’s always good. Good stuff. Yeah.