Andy had been mentioning The Dresden Dolls for a while, bringing the band up on his webpage as well as during the few conversations we’ve had over the past couple of years. I kept forgetting to check them out. Last night he mentioned them again. This morning I went to their website. I listened to a few tracks. They were great. I wanted their music on my computer, in my iTunes, right then and there.

They weren’t on iTunes, though. They were selling MP3s of their tracks via some other website. At first, I was reluctant to purchase music through some upstart little company. Then, I checked out their site. Digizaar.com. It, like the band, was great. You can sell your stuff there, including stories, it turns out. The company, once I checked them out, started to seem a lot cooler, a nice little start-up.

Anyway, this all made me happy and got the creative juices flowing for whatever reason. I ended up writing a scene for the screenplay that Andy, JonMartin, and I are working on. I sent it off to them. They haven’t written back yet. Hopefully they don’t think it sucks. I had a paranoid vision where they asked me not to be part of this script anymore.

The other highlight of my day was getting to finally see Garden State. It had to be the most honest and true film I have seen in years. It did for me what Lost in Translation seemed to do for Jon last year. (Which is not to say that I wasn’t affected by that great film, too. It is only to say that Garden State left me feeling the way I imagined Jon felt by the way he talked about Lost in Translation. Does that make sense?)

Stacey called while Stef and I were in the theater. I called back a little while ago, just after dinner. We talked for a little bit and it really got me thinking how we need to get off our asses and get social again. I don’t know how many relationships we’ve damaged irreparably by acting like hermits for most of this year.

Stef decided she wanted to watch one of the 9/11 specials that was on. It was too much for me, CNN turning tragedy into a commercial for how fucking awesome George W. Bush was under pressure. Eventually I won the debate and we watched something else. If their were a liberal media in this country, or even a fair and balanced media, that would report on this anniversary honestly, without twisting it for someone’s political benefit, then maybe I could watch.