Laptop Issues

My laptop is now taking, on average, about five minutes to boot up. This, I’m sure you would agree, is simply not acceptable. So, while watching football this afternoon, I decided to try and turn the machine into a Linux laptop, my thought being that a leaner, meaner operating system might cure some of my problems. Well, boys and girls, it didn’t work and I am still stuck with a slow-ass Windows XP machine and I am none too happy about it.

I would like to own a laptop that just worked when I turned it on, that booted up and let me do my shit. I don’t want to have to wait five minutes for it to just let me start typing something. It’s ridiculous. I mean, I tried everything too. I tried msconfig, where I got rid of superfluous things that were loading at start-up. I tried installing an anti-virus program to shut-up the damn Windows Security Center. None of it worked.

Finally, I tried installing Mandrake Linux 10.0 from a CD and it hung almost immediately every time. It couldn’t get past the initial screen. I tried installing it from a floppy, or starting the install from a floppy, or whatever it is that using a floppy helps it do. That didn’t work either. In fact, the floppy got stuck in the drive and I eventually had to use pliers to help get it out.

I’m sure I could have made much better use of my day, but I didn’t. I accept that and I’m not going to get pissed or depressed about it. I just wish that the laptop was working like it did when it was new. Or else I wish that I could just win the damned lotto, so I could afford an iBook or a Powerbook.