Throat Tickle

I sent out a resume today and only after I sent it out did I realize that the commute would be about an hour and a half each way. It would still be a decent job, though. I would definitely consider it if they offered it to me. I mean, it’s in publishing. It’s a production position, which I’ve proven I am good at. It would be super-cool. At any rate, it was just neat to get one out there again, to know that I’m working on it much more hard-core.

It was not cool to discover a tickle in my throat when I woke from an accidental nap in the middle of the day. I had gotten up early to work the latest chapter of the novel and by 10:00, when it was time for me to be reading, I was already exhausted. I allowed myself to nap, but when I got up my throat was a mess. Post-nasal drip or something, I think. Anyway, it just got worse throughout the day.

I did get a bunch of schoolwork done though, and I sent out a resume, and I think I cooked a couple of pretty good steaks for dinner. Nothing really to complain about, except for this thing in my throat that won’t go away.