Laptop Reinstall

After reading Huggy’s comment the other day, that the laptop should be booting up in a normal amount of time with a fairly clean startup, I decided to try the whole reformat thing. This time, instead of using the recovery discs that came with the laptop, I reformatted and reinstalled XP directly from the upgrade CD I bought a couple of years ago. This gave me a really clean install, free of any extraneous programs. And, while it still takes longer than I would like (about a minute and a half from the time I push the power button) it now works better.

I had to install Open Office on it, though, because the machine came with Microsoft Works and that’s on the recovery CDs. Open Office is cool, but it takes a while to start itself. This led me to thinking about the expandability of the laptop. It came with 64 MB of RAM and I have never upgraded that. So, after consulting with Stef about whether she could get a better price from her company, I ordered a stick of 128 MB RAM for the laptop. That should improve things, I would think.

In non-computer news, I got a call from Tori this evening, which was very cool. I hadn’t spoken to her in a while. It was a really nice conversation. Stef and I miss Tori and Dan. When we were thinking about moving to Maine, we were excited that we might get to see them more often. That was the most disappointing thing about eventually settling on Mass/NH.

Anyway, I’m off for the night. I’m getting a cold, or a sinus infection, and that’s not good when you consider how much work I have to do for my interdisciplinary project by Friday.