New Motor?!?

Today my car decided to break down on the Government Center off-ramp coming off of Route 93 in Boston. This would be my new car, the one that I just bought two months ago. It just stopped going. There were no signs this was about to happen, no dummy lights flashing, no nothing. I was stuck on an uphill incline with cars whizzing up behind me. I tried not to panic. When the traffic finally hit a lull, I put the car in reverse and guided it into a section that was split off by a bunch of orange cones. I called AAA.

The dude showed up pretty quick and towed me to a garage in South Boston, the closest place to where I broke down. The moment I got there, they were saying stuff like "That doesn’t look good" and "You ain’t driving that today." They asked me to come back in an hour when they’d had some more time to look at it.

I did that, wandering around Southie for a while, trying to figure out why the hell this was happening to me. When I came back, they dropped the bomb that I needed a new motor. A NEW MOTOR FOR THE CAR I BOUGHT TWO MONTHS AGO?!? I got right on the phone with the place I bought it. I was not going to pay for a new motor.

All the while, the little sore throat and sniffle that I thought were allergies a couple of days ago proceeded to get worse and worse. Why had I wanted to come into town in the first place? To do homework.

It took a couple of hours to finally get the owner of the dealership on the line. He told me he wasn’t going to pay for it, because I was already past my warranty, but he would "help [me] out with it". I called AAA again. It was going to cost me a fortune to get it up there, but I had to do it.

I rode with the same dude who had towed me earlier and he turned on some conservative talk radio station that amused him. It amused me too, for a few minutes, but then it just added to my bitterness little by little. When we got to Merrimack, the owner of the dealership changed his mind and had us bring it to his mechanic’s new shop in Manchester. He gave us bad directions, too.

When it was all said and done, I thought I was just going to walk home from Manchester, even if it took all damn night. Finally, while on the phone with JonMartin, I was convinced that, as I was getting sicker and sicker and I was worn out after this whole ordeal, I should just park my ass at a landmark and have Stef pick me up after class. That’s what I did and now I’m home and it’s time for bed.