Magic Nickel

Okay, so, let me tell you about the magic nickel. It’s late when we leave Fred’s house you see, and we’re pretty sure the Sox game is already over. But, we make a call to see what’s what and find out there’s been a rain delay. Being the fools that we are, we try to tune in the game on the radio in a car that is lacking an antenna. A solution soon comes to us though: we will make an antenna out of something in the car. I am reminded of the Dennis Leary bit where he talks about marijuana not leading to bigger drugs, but instead leading to "fucking carpentry."

At this point, JonMartin finds a nickel, the magic nickel, as you will see. He holds it in place through the open driver’s side window as we drive off of Cape Ann back towards home. The game starts to come in clearer. The Yanks are up by one and we’ve left a bunch of men on. It’s only 2 - 1, though, and there’s hope.

We’re able to hear it pretty clearly when the Sox tie it up, but then it goes fuzzy again. Trying to interpret through all the static what is going on proves to be a chore, but in the top of the ninth we’re pretty sure that they’ve got a couple of men on and that they might score again. The static is growing louder in time with every little thing in Jon’s car: the wipers, the directional, everything. The Sox score another run. We do a happy dance.

It was almost entirely inaudible by the bottom of the ninth though we are able to make out that the game has ended. I’m pretty sure that I heard him say the Sox have won, but to be sure Jon makes another phone call. We heard right, it turns out.

In Jon’s hand was the nickel that made it all possible, the magic nickel. It was a glorious, glorious night. Oh, and I got a haircut too.