A Lot of Walking

All told, I walked just shy of five miles today. I hate the Green Line, you see, and that was the start of it. Beyond that, it was a nice day and I was in a good mood. My interview had gone well and I’d strolled over to Fenway since I was in the neighborhood. My cold was on the retreat. I suddenly had an idea how I might get to a reading in Cambridge tomorrow without a car. Everything was looking up and so, I walked.

When I got into Boston this morning, I opted to walk from the Park Street T Stop to my interview in Kenmore Square. That was between 1.5 and 2 miles right there, walking up the length of Beacon. When the interview as done, I walked across the square, over to Fenway, and made a loop around the park. I’ll never be able to afford a ticket to a game ever again, so just walking around the place has to be good enough and, thankfully, it was.

It was then that I had the idea of walking back to Cambridge, where I parked, and saving myself a trip on the Green Line. I walked down Comm. Ave to Mass Ave and took a left, walking over the bridge and marveling at the skyline. I think I knew then that I was in for a lot of hurting muscles at the end of this, but I kept on.

I walked the length of Mass Ave, through Cambridge, all the way to Porter Square. That was about 3 miles. At the Porter Exchange, I stopped to use the facilities and pick up an Alewife Parking Pass from the Lesley security desk. Stef called me at that point, wondering if I was going to hang around the city until 5, when I was to pick her up.

I decided that, since I was done in Boston and Cambridge, I would wander around Burlington, which is further north of Boston and just south of where Stephanie works. Trying to kill that much time was killing me when, around 3ish, Stef called me and asked me to pick her up early. She’d had enough for the day and so, we drove home together.

And that was the day. I did a lot of walking, had a good interview, and spent some time in the Burlington Mall looking at clothes I can’t afford.