Perfect Day

I concocted a brilliant scheme for today and it worked to perfection. It’s good when that happens. It leaves me in a better mood. From the morning conversation I had with a guy about the Sox and the Pats in the lobby of the oil change place, waiting for Stef’s car to be done, to the excellent episode of Smallville that just finished up, it’s been the kind of day that I wish I had more often.

I also got the RAM I ordered for my laptop in the mail today. It was an easy install and the thing is now three times faster than it was before. It’s finally capable of running XP and the simple applications that I use on it: Office and IE. It boots up like a dream and I think I can even install iTunes on it now, so that I can listen to stuff over the network when I’m sitting downstairs.

I played 1602 a bit today, as well. There wasn’t a heckuva lot of time to get any momentum going with any school stuff between when I came home from the oil change and when I had to go back out to pick Stephanie up and drive us into Cambridge. So, I relaxed instead. I was anticipating a call on the job I interviewed for. It seems I might get it, but the call I got today was a "Just sit tight" call. That’s all well and good, though. I’m still waiting for word on my car.

And, I got to see the head of my MFA program, Steven Cramer, give a reading. That was the whole point of my plan to drop Stef off at work and then come get her and then drive into Cambridge with her. She would go to class, I would go to the reading, and then we would go home together. It worked out beautifully and Steven’s reading was wonderful. I cannot recommend his new collection enough. It is called Goodbye to the Orchard and you should definitely check it out.

Among other Lesley folks that were there was Jill, and she and I walked back to Porter Square together, where I met Stef after class. We talked about writing and reading and all the usual stuff and it was very nice. She became the first of my Lesley friends to meet Stef, too.

We finished the evening with the season premiere of Smallville, the only show we still watch on a consistent basis. I tried tuning into the Sox game here and there as we were getting ready for bed, but I’ve given up. Every time I turn it out, something bad seems to happen. They’re better off without me watching.