Tipping the Scales

I am always thinking of things I will write, when I write, instead of just, you know, writing. It’s a terrible habit. Just now I was sitting on this train, staring out the window as we passed through the familiar streets of Winchester with their classic old towne feel, and I was thinking, "I feel as though I am finally getting back to work."

This will not be, of course, the method by which I get to Boston on a regular basis. Once my car is fixed, I will figure out a more reasonable and cost-effective gameplan. $5.25 for a one-way ticket will simply not work.

The man who sits doen next to me smells of Honeycombs cereal. I wonder if he fixed them for his kids or for himself.

Stephanie is jealous that somehow I’ve worked out a way to write full-time and work part-time. It’s exactly he situation she wanted for herself this semester. I told her I’m not doing it on purpose. We were mostly silent for the rest of the ride to the train station.

The train’s in Medford now, which is the stop Colleen used to ride with me until—of course, that was going the other way—back in the day. You lose so many people along the way. She had a baby a couple of years ago now. I think they live in Rhode Island.

I wrote the preceding on the train in this morning and I was pretty happy with it. As with any writer and any first draft, distance often breeds contempt. But, alas, I put it up here in the same form it appeared because that is the spirit of this thing, this webpage.

Work went well. I think I will really enjoy it. News came of the car after that, which was not as pleasant. But, JonMartin came along to pick me up at the train station when I arrived in Lowell and we came back here to borrow some music from each other. He brought his sweet external hard drive and we had a ball or at least I think we did.

On days when my emotions swing back and forth, which are most days, I put too much energy into Sox or Pats games. When they lose, as the Sox are doing right now, I become invariably down in the dumps. I guess I’m sitting there hoping for one more good thing to tip the scales in the favor of good. When that doesn’t come, I get upset.