Thoughts for Today

Let’s just start off by saying that Jon rules for hooking me up with almost seven days worth of new music yesterday. I spent part of this morning listening to it, downloading album art for it in iTunes, and getting it all categorized and neat-like. This infusion of tunes should keep me sated on that front for quite some time, or at least I hope it will. Jon also rules because he is headed away to school tomorrow, to conquer the worlds of academia once more. I am proud of my friend, if that’s allowed, because he’s a good example of someone who has set their sights on a professional goal and gone for it.

And speaking of professional goals, after a week or so of not being able to get anything going with my latest work, today, on a walk with Stephanie along the Heritage Trail in Bedford, NH, I came up with some really solid ways of improving my novel. I figured out what happens next, and what happens after that, and I am ready to start writing again, thank Christ. Because, if I wasn’t ready, I was just going to have to start churning out crap because my next deadline is a little more than two weeks away.

I also stumbled across something really cool on the Internet while I was surfing around this afternoon. Poser was this program I had back in the day. People are now using it to craft really life-like models and, along with certain other programs, really amazing looking, artistic scenes. is one such place where I saw this, where people were posting their stuff. Erik also has an account over there, if I remember correctly, but I can’t remember the specific address. So, it’s definitely worth a look-see.

This got me thinking that someone adept at those programs, or even me finding those programs and becoming adept at them myself, would be a great way to finally work on the comic/graphic novel story I’ve had in my head for ages. It’s strange that it keeps popping up in my thoughts lately, but it’s something I’ve been dying to work on for years.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today.