No Time to Write

I’m having great ideas about the next chapter in my novel. Unfortunately, with all the car problems making it necessary for me to get up really early so Stef can drop me at random train stations so that I can get into work, I am finding zero time to work on the writing. Tonight, for instance, I got my comments back on the second section I submitted and they fueled a whole bunch of new ideas about what I’m working on. I wanted to get to work right away. Then I realized I needed to sleep so I could get up early and get a ride.

They tell me that the car may be done by the middle of this week. I’ll be so happy to drive it again and to not be reliant on someone else to cart me around places. I really value the independence that having a vehicle offers. To be without one for nearly three weeks, or however long it’s been, has been painful.

I still haven’t figured out how I’ll get into Boston once I have my car. (Have I even mentioned that I landed the part-time gig I interviewed for?) That one is still a mystery. I’m not sure there’s a place to park. I don’t want to pay the price of train tickets or parking at train stations plus train tickets. This is something I’ve got to figure out.

But, the world is looking brighter. If I can just find some time to write, it will be the brightest it’s been in a couple of weeks. Stef tells me we’re doing fine financially. I told her to just keep telling me that and that eventually I might believe her.