So Much To Say

There are so many things to talk about and only two minutes before midnight. Where should I start? With the cleaning of my desk, a most gargantuan task indeed? With the epic number of visitors I received from a certain business on Boylston Street in Boston and how that made me smile? With the revelation of how I helped my friend Jon with a website problem even though I’ve always thought there was nothing I would know about websites that he didn’t already know? Where should I begin?

I don’t know. But the long and short of it is that according to my computer’s clock it just turned midnight and that means I am going to have to fiddle with the program to get it to appear right. That’s okay though. I don’t mind. I’ve had a good day. Save for a worsening cold and sore throat, things are going just fine.

I started off the day with a rather lengthy to-do list and I have ended with most of the items crossed off and having added a couple of tasks along the way that I managed to complete as they came to mind. I was just as productive with my new life as I have been at work these past two years and that was comforting. In times gone by I might have been paralyzed by the events of Friday, but now, after a great deal of therapy and soul searching, I find that I can handle these life events with ease.

I wish I could say the same for my former employers, who I hear, are having a rather difficult time adjusting to life without me. There are questions floating about. “How did Chris do this?” “How did Chris do that?” Part of me feels guilty. I did my best to answer all of those questions in the short time I was alotted. But part of me does not feel guilty. The self-preservational part. I need to watch out for my own ass first and foremost now. I need to find a new job.

Today I sent my goodbye message to the company and mentioned that they might want to stop by here to see what I was up to from time to time. They sure stopped by alright. When I checked my web-stats for today I was blown away. Thank you all for taking an interest. I hope you found something here to keep you coming back.

Later in the day I helped JonMartin install two copies of Greymatter on his server. I had never done a dual install before but together, with a little fighting we figured it out. It felt good that I could offer Jon some help with this. So often he has been the one helping me out and it felt good to return the favor.

I think this is the key to surviving when life throws you a curveball. You write to-do lists and you stick by them and at the end of the day you look at everything you crossed off and you feel a sense of pride in the work you completed, even if the most rewarding task of the day was finally being able to see your desk underneath all the damn paper.