All Alone at the Office

I was all alone at the office today and it was a totally weird experience. Sure, I felt a little longing for social interaction, but on the whole I enjoyed just being able to tackle one project after another with no distractions. I was given a decent-sized list of things to get done as time permitted and I feel like I did a good job. I haven’t felt like that at work in a long time and it was really nice.

Sure, I’m doing simple office work. But, I know I’m contributing to the success of the enterprise now. I know that my skills are a good fit here. I feel like I’m valued.

Aside from working a full day while my lingering cold decided to mount a new offensive, I also managed to get in some time at the coffee shop again this morning before work. I had wanted to get more writing done, but I found it really difficult. Instead, I looked at my news sites and the other sites I visit on a daily basis and I priced out iBooks.

Why am I really obsessed with moving to an Apple machine? I’m obsessed for the simple reason that Apple machines do, out of the box, what I spend hours trying to get my PC to do. For instance, iPhoto. iPhoto works just like iTunes, in that it allows you name your photos whatever you want, categorize them with keywords and such, and rate them as well. Then, it lets you build custom smartlists, like iTunes, so that I could say, give me all the pictures of Stef I have that are rated three stars or more and it would.

How much work would I have to do with Windows programs to get the same results? God only fucking knows.

On the way home, Stef and I also managed to have a spirited argument about lots of social and cultural issues she’s confronting in her final project for her Master’s program. I took a decidedly more conservative viewpoint than usual to try and challenge her to really substantiate certain vague claims about persecution in America today. I think she was really getting upset, thinking that I really believed all of these possible opinions I was presenting her with. I had to reassure that I was just playing Devil’s advocate, like my favorite long-ago writing professor.