Car and Tweaking

After two weeks or so, I finally got my car back tonight. It was a thing of beauty, as that guy in the commercial would say, the one who’s after the lime-green hatchback that the other guy (or was it the other guy’s wife?) is convinced no one will want. My car sounds better, it runs better, and, more importantly, I’m finally driving it again. What else can you ask for? Well, I can ask that it doesn’t break down again, like, EVER.

Most of my day and really, most of the past fortnight, has been spent anticipating this event. As such, I’ve gotten very little in the way of writing done. This doesn’t please me, but somehow I know I’ll pull it together. I just have to. If I don’t, I’ll probably explode. So, I’ll just do it.

I’m staying up late and working on tweaking the look of the computer again. I realize that there are certain things that just piss me off about it that I have been reluctant to change so far. If I just changed those things, I’d be much better off. For instance, the Webshots Desktop thingy that I’ve been running for years, that changes the background every fifteen minutes or so, I’m turning that off. It’s hard enough to design a look that fits me, but it’s even harder when one of the main components of that look is changing every fucking fifteen minutes.

Anyway, that’s what I’m saying for today. Off to tweak some more.