Four Pages

I wrote today, which is a good thing. I hadn’t been able to start the chapter I plan on handing in for the next deadline and today I got it going. I wrote four pages in the morning and then tried to come back and write four pages that would come before those first four pages because I thought the first four pages were too confusing on their own. Kind of like that sentence. A couple of Lesley pals took a look at the first four pages and thought they worked fine. I did too, after some reflection, and so I’ve tossed out the second four pages, which would have gone first, at least for now.

Which is to say that I now have about four pages of useful material and four pages of not so useful material. I have a good chapter started and that’s good. I also realized that the reason the second four pages didn’t work is because they dealt with a revelation that would have been much better dealt with in a separate chapter.

So, what I decided to do is write a short micro-chapter that will come between the last chapter I wrote and this one. It will explain what the somewhat deficient pages I wrote today tried to explain and it will do a good job of it.

All of this leads me to believe that I will somehow go crazy before midnight tonight. That is because tomorrow is my birthday and I think I had a dream once that I would go crazy before I reached the age of twenty-seven, which is the age I will reach tomorrow, or perhaps today, depending on when you’re reading this.

Uhm, yeah.