The Autumn Ought To Come

The Sox always do better when I’m not watching. For instance, I wasn’t watching intently until close to the seventh inning tonight. Prior to the seventh, Bronson Arroyo was just brilliant. As soon as I sat down to watch, Francona lifted Arroyo and the mess started. Now, the commentators on the postgame show say that’s when it became a real baseball game. They say that’s when it got interesting. I’m not sure I agree. I guess I’m more interested in seeing the Sox wipe the floor with someone. Any other result is too much stress for me.

It’s like that with Pats games, too. While, in the end, I end up enjoying a hard-fought game that my team wins, it’s a bitch while it’s going on. What’s the saying I’ve heard? "They killed my father, they’re killing me, and my kid is next." It’s something like that.

Anyway, prior to the game I did a bit of writing, a bit of futzing around on the computer, and went down the street for a few drinks. I actually only had one, so I guess that’s not a few. So, sue me.

Or is it suit me? I don’t know.

Mom also wrote to tell me that this website was coming up as Not Found. It turns out that my domain expired and I was completely unawares. I thought it was set up to renew automagically, but I was wrong. I’ve just written to my domain registrar to deal with this. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, it’ll all be worked out.