Stop Reading Right Now

All I need is for one more person to push one more button and I’m going to fucking snap. I spent almost three hours in traffic trying to get to work today. I just finished writing two of the shittiest craft annotations I’ve ever done for school. My chapter is probably shit. I can’t log on to file for unemployment via their web site because their office is closed!?! It’s the fucking Internet, isn’t it? You’re telling me I can’t file my form after hours? What the fuck good is it then?

Add to that the fact that the Sox are getting their asses kicked in Game 1, the fact that I somehow have to get to the garage for an oil change tomorrow and still have to find time to do research for the other part of my schoolwork by Friday, while working a half-day tomorrow and a full-day on Friday…

Hell, none of this is even making sense anymore. Fuck it! I don’t care. Or, maybe, I do care, and that’s what’s pissing me off.

All I know is that, regardless of how shitty my submission is for this month, it’s finally fucking done. At least I can be happy about that. Well, except for the fact that the Yankees have two more men on base.

Yeah, this is gonna be a great fucking night.