Letting it Down

I’m trying to do what others have suggested and not pay attention to the Sox games. It doesn’t do me any good and it doesn’t seem to do them any good. When you take that stuff away, when I don’t think about, I’m finally starting to calm down. I sent off my submission packet this morning. I got my car’s oil changed. I finally got through a backlog of e-mail a mile long. Things are getting better.

Now I just have to get to that stupid unemployment seminar on Friday and finish up a paper for my interdisciplinary project and I’ll be all done. Then, maybe, I can sit back and enjoy my Star Wars DVDs this weekend. That would awesome. Of course, there’s the Patriots game as well. They’re going to be really challenged again, for the first time since the first week of this season. It should be interesting.

I also finally made it somewhere with this personal customization of Windows I’ve been working on. Someone on one of the message boards I frequent gave me the tip I needed and now my Windows Style/Theme is working very well. It’s really just a slight modification of something that’s already out there, but I still think it’s sweet. Maybe I’ll eventually create my own icons and stuff.

"Okay, Chris, stop talking gibberish. The poor readers have no idea what you’re talking about."

To the voice in my head, I say, "When do they ever know what I’m talking about? I’m always talking gibberish. That’s what they’ve come to expect. That’s why they’re here."