Stupid Unemployment Seminar

Today I was required to go to the most ridiculously useless seminar I have ever been to. The unemployment specialist who was speaking had no idea what she was talking about and the rest of the folks in the room were taking her word as gospel. She was saying shit like, "Don’t bother putting the foreign languages you can speak if they’re not looking for that." Bullshit! You never know if that might be the extra thing that gets you in the door. "You must send your resumes in the text format," was another beaut she ripped out. But my favorite was when she told all these depressed-looking people that if they didn’t receive three callbacks a week, they were doing something wrong.

I was unemployed for the better part of a year and try as I might, I never got three callbacks in one week. I considered myself lucky if I got one a month. What the fuck was this woman smoking?

Oh, and she had the most annoying Massachusetts accent, too. I couldn’t take anything she said seriously. She was making grammatical mistakes, which I’m upset I can’t recall. She was basically just trying to sell their services which, she admitted, wouldn’t get funded if not enough people were coming in. It was bullshit, it lasted an hour, and I was fucking counting the seconds till I got out of there.

Anyway, that left a sour taste in my mouth and I’m glad that the Sox game got rained out and that Stef and I sat down and watched Star Wars instead. It looked phenomenal, I must say. I’ve never seen the film quality look so good. Now, most of the changes I can take or leave, but the quality of the image was just superb. I can’t wait to watch Empire.