Facing Elimination

Like a sucker, I’m sitting here watching the Sox game. They tied it up and they stand a chance to extend the series and bring it back to New York. Stef and I went out to dinner for her birthday, we came home and she opened her cards and her present, and then she went to bed, sleepy. I, however, ate too much and I’ve been back and forth between the computer and the bathroom for the past half-hour. I checked in on the score, saw that they still had a chance, and decided to tune in.

As I type, Jeter has just popped up to the shortshop. This is good. But, that means A-Rod is up. Still, Arroyo is pitching well and that bodes well for the Sox. Big Papi is up at the bottom of the inning. With all the heroics he’s been exhibiting as of late, if we can get that far with a tie ballgame, I think I like our chances.

Anyway, I tried to get back on track with the writing today and that was a moderately successful endeavor. I also had to go out and pick up Stef’s present and clean up the house and do the grocery shopping, so I didn’t get as much done as I would like, but I did get three pages. That’s much better than last month.

A-Rod just struck out. Two down, one to go. Of course, that one to go is Sheff and that always worries me.

I think I’m just going to stop typing now. It’s getting tense. By the time you read this, you’ll probably already know how it turned out, if you care. So, I bid you good night.