Like many New Englanders who have spent the past week glued to their televisions into the wee hours of the morning, today it was rather difficult not to feel sleepy and worn out. I got through my day at the part-time gig and I came home, ready to get some writing or reading done, but all I’ve managed to do is goof off in front of the computer for a while. I don’t have any energy left, which makes me very happy that the Sox finished the ALCS on Wednesday and gave us all two days off before the big dance begins.

I just saw that the opponent will be the St. Louis Cardinals. Part of me was rooting for the Astros, so that we could see Clemens and Pedro whipping fastballs at each other’s heads, but most of me was rooting fro the Cards because my Lesley pal, Shera is from Missouri. Plus, there’s more history there and who really wants to give Clemens another chance to make us look stupid for ever giving him away?

Um, what else? There really isn’t much. I worked, I walked through the BU campus to get to the personnel office so that I could get an ID card and I felt old in the process. Uhm, I walked around Fenway to take a look at the park before the weekend. One whole street—I think it was Lansdowne—was taped off. I don’t know if it had to do with the game or with the girl who got killed by the police last night in the celebration. Anyway, the park was surrounded by news trucks and the line for tickets was growing longer in front of the box office. It was really cool to see.

Mayor Menino is thinking of banning alcohol sales around the park during the Series, though? That’s a wicked smart idea, ass.