Party Analysis

Today we had friends over for only the second or third time since buying the house. It was nice, in my opinion, and I think a good time was had by all. It was a little strange because you had two sets of friends who had never met each other hanging out, but I think everyone got along. I’d like to think nobody was bored out of their brains. I’d like to think that I could just enjoy an afternoon with my friends without worrying about all of this, too, but apparently I can’t.

That’s just me, though. My insecurities know no bounds.

Anyway, the peeps involved in this shindig were Tori and Dan, down from Maine; Erik, up from Haverhill; Scott, up from the Beantown ‘burbs; Jill, up from Cambridge; Stacey, up from, uhm, I can’t remember where Stacey is living right now; and Shera, all the way over from Missouri. It was really cool to see people. It was really cool to see their reactions to our place. It was really cool all around.

With the Bradford peeps there was lots of reminiscing, as their always is, and, as always, it gave me the warm fuzzies to recall the good ole days.

With the Lesley peeps there was lots of talk about writing and reading, bad advisors and good advisors, everything that’s going on in my life on an ongoing basis. Just seeing Shera and Scott in the middle of the semester was enough to give me warm fuzzies there.

I guess the only thing that got me wondering was whether or not I was spending too much time with one group of people as opposed to the other. I’m really not socially adept, I guess. Other people probably don’t worry about this. Or else, other people worry about it and just don’t post about it on their webpage.

I also worry, I guess, that me worrying, and me posting about my worries here, will make people less likely to accept invitations in the future. Maybe my friends will read this and think, "If he stresses out this much every time he throws a party, I don’t think I want to contribute to that." I hope nobody thinks that.

I’m rambling. Let me get to the point. I loved having people over. I loved seeing everyone’s faces and I loved playing Trivial Pursuit with everyone towards the end. It was a lot of fun for me. I just hope it was a little fun for everyone else.