I received some excellent feedback from my advisor today and it really energized me to read it. I came home with a headache, feeling like I’d gotten over all of the anxiety of yesterday but feeling very tired, and the big envelope was a welcome sight. It was either going to crush me or it was going to lift me up, but either way it was going to give me some closure. I sat and read it up here in the office, with Stef sitting nearby for moral support, and I smiled big.

The craft annotations, which I thought I was going to get skewered on, seemed to go over just fine. The chapter I submitted seemed to really work for him. And, the suggestions and comments he had for that chapter have given me a real good idea of how I might better approach the material that has recently been troubling me.

It was a very nice cap to the day. Add to that the Sox victory and I now find myself a very happy Chris.

And, well, it’s about time to go to bed. I might watch a little more post-game, but I need my beauty sleep. Since I only have a half-day tomorrow at work, maybe I’ll manage to get a little writing done as well.