Firewire Sucks My Ass

Okay, I had a totally different entry planned for tonight but they I spent another four hours wrestling with fucking Windows and I am too frustrated to even try to write something intelligent or coherent. Basically this is what it comes down to: This afternoon after taking my machine apart and putting it back together I was finally able to get this nifty video capture card to work. Yay Chris! Then, tonight, I go through this process of trying to make something else be fixed and suddenly, the capture card doesn’t work anymore.

How fucking lovely is that? And now I have this guy telling me to rip everything out of my computer and install it all back in one by one because he thinks it might be a software issue. How is that possible? Why am I going to take out all of my hardware to solve a fucking software problem? How is that going to solve anything?


This OS is working so beautifully on so many levels and then this has to go and happen. What the fuck dude? I just don’t get it.

And why do I care so much about this? Why?

And why should I think that you give a shit about it either. You’ve probably already stopped reading.

Anyway, today was a long day spent in front of the computer accomplishing very little and I have to go to bed early tonight because we’re doing this financial analysis thing with one of the people I used to work with tomorrow and I need my beauty rest.

Course now I’m gonna go follow this guy’s instructions and probably be up all fucking night.