I got about six pages of writing done today and I’m not sure if it’s any good or not. I’ve decided that on days when that much comes that quickly, it’s probably better for me to pause for the day and give myself some space. Tomorrow I’ll know better whether or not the pages were good or bad. Today, I’m just too close. So, I only ended up writing for about two hours, but I feel like, if you can get six good pages out of two hours, how can you complain?

It left me with a lot of time to kill today. I should have done reading, but I didn’t. I don’t even really remember what I did. I know that a lot of the time was spent in front of the computer, which was probably not good, but I know that for most of the day I felt good, and that’s good.

Tonight I rediscovered an online game I had played years ago, Acrophobia, which, last I knew, was still offline. The people I played with tonight told me that it had actually been back up for a long time. That tells you how much I keep track of things.

I remember having so much fun playing the game and I can’t believe I forgot it existed. Remembering it tonight when I was wondering what to search for next, I was elated to find it was up again. The process for registering to play was really ridiculous, with all sorts of things you had to uncheck to avoid getting spam, but the game was just as fun as always.

The game involves coming up with sentences based on random acronyms and then voting anonymously on all of the sentences that your opponents have come up with. At the end, the top two players face off.

Anyway, that’s that.