I Need a Life

Tonight I was watching Steve Jobs’ keynote address from some Apple developers conference held earlier this year. As he went over feature after feature of the new Mac OS I thought, "This man is a genius." I mean, the system just works. The new version, Tiger, is going to be unbelievable. And yet, here I am, stuck on Windows, trying to get that same functionality with a shitload of half-assed emulations.

Afterwards I got to thinking about what makes all these things you can do with a computer cool. You can organize your digital photos, make DVDs, chat with people over the Internet. There’s so much you can do. My computer can do a lot of it now (a Mac would do it better and easier) but somehow, I’m not organizing many photos, I’m not making DVDs, and I’m not chatting with people. Why?

I think the real key to all these things that they advertise as great parts of the new versions of operating systems is that you have to have a life to organize. If I saw my friends more frequently, or my family, or if I had a kid to take pictures of, then maybe I would need a digital camera and a way to organize my photos. I certainly have no need for a video camera and almost no need to take advantage of DVD-making software. And chatting, well, I leave my chat app on a lot of the time and hardly ever have anyone to talk to. Either people aren’t online or they sign off the moment they see me on (I’ve actually seen people do that) or maybe I just have everyone’s old addresses.

Who knows? The point is that I realized that what I’m longing for isn’t necessarily a spiffy new computer with all these features—though that would be nice"what I’m looking for is a life. I need a life.

I mean, where has everyone gone? Is it just that I’m busy with school a lot or is it that everyone has moved on? Or, am I just imagining things? I don’t know. I do know that I long for the days of college and immediate post-college when I still had a life. I long for those days. I really do.