Driving Me Mad

There was an accident on Storrow Drive this morning that backed traffic all the way back to where the offramp splits off from Route 93 South. There was a sign warning of this but it was so close to where you had to either turn off or stay on that I didn’t have time to consider what my alternate route would be. So, I sat on Storrow Drive and I waited. And when I finally got to my exit, I discovered that was where the accident was and I couldn’t get off there.

Frustrated, I continued on in the bumper to bumper traffic for another twenty minutes or so, out into the suburbs, until there was a place to turn around. When I finally made it into work I was tired, I had a splitting headache, and I was so sick of driving that I thought I might just walk home. Thank God I’m going to N’awlin’s for almost a week. I won’t have to drive anywhere there. I’ll just be walking down from my hotel room to the conference and then back again. That’s it.

Well, I might walk around the Quarter, too. But at least it won’t be driving.

This is not to say that I minded doing all the driving I’ve done in the last three days. I didn’t mind at all. There just comes a point where a man breaks and I think I’ve reached that point.

It doesn’t help that I have a school deadline this week and I’m trying to do too much by going to this conference and finish school work in the same week. I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, though. I couldn’t refuse it.

Thankfully, I’m done with all but one paper. I should have time tomorrow night and Wednesday morning to work that and if I can focus, I’ll have time on the plane, too.