The Eve of N’awlins

On Wednesday, I depart for New Orleans for six days. I’m nervous. Mostly I’m nervous about flying again for the first time since my honeymoon, back before people started flying planes into buildings to make their point. I’m also nervous because I have a final paper due for school and I haven’t started it yet. I don’t know when I’m going to have time to work on it. It’s due on Friday. Anxiety is all around me. If I make it through the flight without a last second visit to the bathroom, I’ll consider myself lucky.

I suppose it will be fine. I suppose I’ll work it all out and find a way to enjoy the trip. I suppose I have to. I mean, how can you not enjoy being in New Orleans right? I don’t know.

I do know that after another commute lengthened by a car accident, I am glad today was the last day I’ll have to drive anywhere for about a week. That is something I am very glad about.

I do know that I was smiling tonight after the sales girl at Sears flirted with me when I went to buy a suit coat that fits. It’s good to know that, maybe, someone besides the person who is obligated to find you attractive finds you attractive. Is that silly? Yeah, it’s probably silly.

Anyway, I’m stressed out. What’s new?