N’awlins Part Two

What did I do to get this lucky? Man, this trip is everything and then some. Tonight I got to have dinner at this oyster joint around the corner from the Monteleone with Andrew and Willard among others. It was awesome, well-known literary types aside. I had fried catfish and French fries and others had oysters.

Earlier in the day, I spent a huge amount of time at Kinkos making copies. To get there I had to make the march through New Orleans, about five blocks across town. It rained on me on the way back. I didn’t really care. I love this city. It’s so unabashedly N’awlins. It’s sleazy and unashamed of it. I love that. I can’t imagine going back to puritinical Boston now.

After Kinkos and some other work-related stuff, me and the boss and the other guy from the office went out to dinner and then we came back and stuffed folders in anticipation of the beginning of the conference tomorrow. I realized that my cell-phone is going to die before the trip is over because I didn’t bring my charger. Again, I didn’t care. I love this city.

During some downtime, I made my way down the street to take my first look at the mighty, muddy Mississippi. That was cool, more than cool really, but I can’t come up with a better word.

Can you tell I love it here? I wonder if Stef would dig it at all. I’ve thought about bringing her back here. I don’t think she would like it, though. Too hedonistic for her tastes, I’m sure.

But, then again, you never know.