N’awlins Part Three

As if dinner last night wasn’t cool enough, tonight I got to eat at the same table as a well-regarded poet, a well-regarded novelist, the current head of the association at which I work, and, once again, the one and only Willard. The poet, it seems, seems to know everyone at Lesley that I know. I have to say hello to all of them for him. He and I had some great bits of conversation. It was lovely.

I feel like a grown-up, okay. I’m here working and I’m meeting people that do what I do and do what I do successfully. They’re nice, just like the Lesley people, and they are interested, really interested, in getting the younger generations involved in the organization and in literature in general.

None of these entries are going to be great reading, I’m sure. What I hope I’m able to get across is that I am having a fantastic time. I did a lot of work today, registering people as they arrived, helping them get places, having conversations here and there. But it was great work. It was important work. I couldn’t have been happier.

Dinner was great, though I had beef that was particularly N’awlins’ style. I got to see Robert Pinsky speak and I actually worked up the balls to go up and say “Hi” to him afterwards and remind him that we’d met during his appearance at Lesley back in the summer of 03.

Maybe this will all disappear when I get back to Boston, but this feels like a real leap forward in my career here. I’m really excited. I only wish I could write a sentence that better conveyed that I was.