N’awlins Part Four

Right now, I guess I’m just trying to get down reference points for myself, hoping that at some later date I’ll be able to flesh it all out with more concrete memories. Anyway, today was a lazy day of registering people and manning the information table. We were tired because of a night out at a great Jazz bar whose name I can’t remember and some drinks with another literary scholar, Lee.

The band at the Jazz bar was great, by the way, really tight. It was labeled European jazz. I don’t know what that distinction means. I know that I dug it. We all had a good time.

The conference attendees seem to be having a great time, as well. I’ve heard nothing but great comments from them, which makes me think that we’ve done a good job here, my boss especially. He’s been working his tail off on this and I’m proud to work for a guy whose this passionate about his job.

Uhm, what else? I’m sitting here typing this at a burger joint with a wi-fi connection. I gotta finish soon before my hour runs out. You get an hour of access for purchasing five bucks worth of food. I bought the food the other day, but I didn’t get the access code until after lunch so I’m using it now.

We had dinner at the same place my boss and I had dinner on Wednesday. I had the same thing. It was still good.

Scatter-brained am I. And I think that’s perfectly okay.