N’awlins Part Five

So, I’m sitting up in my room on my final night in New Orleans. What’s wrong with this picture? I should be out on Bourbon, finding a bar to watch the Patriots game in. But I’m feeling guilty. I’m feeling like Stef is probably home right now, stressing out about something school-related, and I should just stay in my room and be miserable. I’m strange, I know.

I’ve already had a terrific late lunch, a rib-eye steak done to perfection, and I’ve already been outside for a bit. I’ve been out on other nights. Perhaps I should just stay in, watch the game in my room, and let the last bit of this great experience slip away.

It’s 5:50 CST, not nearly time to turn in here in N’awlins. There’s a lot more I wanted to do here (cemetery tours, a riverboat ride, et cetera) but I just won’t get around to it. I can take another spin around Bourbon, which I’ve enjoyed some nights and haven’t enjoyed on others. I could walk up to the casino, which I did last night, spend another three bucks, win twenty-seven, and then blow those winnings right away despite my best attempts not to.

But I’m writing instead. I’m typing this on a computer with no Internet connection and who knows when I’ll actually get around to posting it. I could probably just make this up at some later date and pretend it was written tonight. But I’ve decided to be honest here. I’ve decided to get it done now.

It’s been a great week. I’m looking forward to some time spent taking pictures tomorrow morning and afternoon before I head off to the airport. I’m looking forward to seeing my wife again, even if she isn’t looking forward to seeing me. And sometime before I leave, I am going to write that paragraph I keep meaning to write, so that I can capture a bit of that Hotel Monteleone magic that other authors seem to have capitalized on.


7:41 CST, here. I fell asleep watching the end of the Green Bay - Minnesota game. When I got up, I thought I might go catch the Pats game at a bar. I took a walk down Bourbon, found a place, but got kind of weirded-out about the thought of having to keep buying beers just to watch the game. So, I came back to the room.

I’m thinking if I’m in the mood I’ll head out after the game. Surprisingly, there is a lot of activity out there even for a Sunday night.