N’awlins Part Six

I’m very sore sitting here in the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone. My flight doesn’t leave for another three hours or so. My plan for today was to walk around the city a bit and then catch a cab to the airport at threeish. It’s around two now and I’m already tired from all the walking around I’ve done.

This morning I walked around a bit with Dan, the other part-time guy from the office, before he had to catch a ride to get his flight. We took in the mighty Mississip and the French Market area and then we checked out. He went off for his flight and I went off to Kinkos to log on to the Internet and print my boarding passes.

Kinkos and back, in and of itself, is a long walk. I also walked over to the casino and blew two bucks, roamed about looking for a t-shirt to buy for me and maybe for Stef, decided not to buy anything and walked back towards the waterfront, and then decided I should buy a shirt and then, finally, decided I shouldn’t.

I had left my bags back here at the hotel and I just got them and I decided to see if there were any free Wi-Fi networks in range. There weren’t. So, I decided to type this.

Being in N’awlins by yourself during the day can be very boring and very lonely. Maybe I’m starting to get homesick. I don’t know. I do know that I have had a good time but I’m anxious to get home. I’m anxious to see if Stephanie still likes me, as she hasn’t made an effort to get in touch with me all week with the exception of a call to see if I had the laptop with me. I’m anxious to see what will come of my return to writing after a week or so away from it. I’m anxious for a lot of things.

I’m also tired. Maybe I should get a cab now, but then I’d just be at the airport for that much longer. At least here, in the hotel, maybe I could type something, capture some magic. I don’t know. I do know that it has worked out that I have way too much time to myself today. And when I have too much time to myself, what happens? I get sad. I get blue.

So, for now, goodbye from N’awlins.