Moving On

I was just reading through the screenplay adaptation I wrote of A Lick and a Promise a couple of years ago, in preparation for writing the chapter in my novel which deals with some of the same events. I’m really disappointed in what I had written. It comes off as even more farcical than I remember and I’m not sure how much application, if any, it will have in what I write for the novel. The emotions are much the same, and some of the dialogue is still great, but there’s a lot that will be different.

This is okay, because it shows me that I really have grown as a writer. And, if this play got all those laughs and reactions all those years ago when it was done on stage and I’ve gotten better since I wrote it, I guess that might mean that I’m alright at this whole writing thing.

I didn’t get any writing done today, however. Some of that has to do with getting up at around noon, allowing myself to entirely recover from the N’awlins experience before getting out of bed. Some of it has to do with having to get the laundry done, and the groceries. And some of it, I suppose, has to do with laziness. Mostly, I think I just wanted to give myself a day of reflection.

I found out that I got my first pick of advisors for next semester, my last in the MFA program. That was sweet. It made me look forward to getting this next chapter underway even more.

I really think I have something with this story. In days gone by, I have often wondered whether going back to this story of the Silver family was a good idea. I wondered whether I should be moving on to something different. But, I think I’ve managed to do two things with this novel. I’ve moved forward, moving away from the farce and the easy, cliched stories of the past, but I’ve kept the heart of the characters I’ve grown to love over the past half-decade.

The trip to New Orleans has calmed me and left me in high spirits. Now the great work begins.