While I was in New Orleans, we had a brief meeting with one of the guys who runs the popular group blog Crooked Timber. He’s also a member of our organization. He had some suggestions for creating a blog for our organization. Today I was doing some research on that for work at around the same time I noticed all of the comments rolling in on yesterday’s entry. It got me thinking about this idea that I’ve had for a while that I always put on the back burner because I have too much going on.

I’ve often thought about creating a group blog of my own. I know enough interesting people who might contribute. I know how to set the damn things up. Plus, I have a built-in audience from this site. Add to that audience the audiences of all of the other writers and you’ve got a great base to start with.

What would we talk about? That was one of the things I wondered. Books, movies, maybe some politics? Maybe a bit of everything? I didn’t know. I just got thinking about it and thought it might be a good idea.

So maybe it’ll be something I do something about when school calms down. For now, it also got me thinking about upgrading the software that runs the back-end of this website. There is this great new open-source blogging software called WordPress. I set up a test site and so far I’ve been able to make all of the customizations I wanted to make with a very minimal amount of work or fuss. Of course this transition, if it ever happens, will have to wait, as I have tons of schoolwork to get done. It’s just good to know that it will be easier than I thought it might be.