“Good For More Than Porn”

Today I had fun. In between patching cables together and worrying about a million different variables, I had fun. I helped a friend become the first person other than myself to record a song at Clarkwoods Studios. It was a blast and it felt really good that I could help someone do something they’d wanted to do for a long while. For the first time since getting laid off I think I felt useful to someone other than myself.

I won’t divulge the name of the friend I was helping because there’s always the slim chance that the person they were recording this song for might happen upon this site and I might ruin the surprise. Eventually the truth will come out but for now all you need to know was that it was a friend of mine and she has an amazing voice.

We crowded into the spare room of my apartment, the friend, Stef, and I, after aborting an initial plan to record our friend in the bathroom for the sake of great reverb. Stef sat in our old recliner and I sat at the controls. Our friend stood at the mic with headphones on and she sang beautifully and since we were recording mostly love songs I had to tear my eyes away from Stephanie to keep them on what I was doing. I had to make sure microphones were on, levels were set…

I was a producer.

I’m very proud of the setup I had ready for our friend today. It went way beyond anything I’ve ever done for one of my own recordings. I went through the trouble of hooking up the headphones for her while still allowing us to hear the full track through the speakers. I went to great lengths to remove any hiss or garbage noise I could find, turning off anything that whirred within the confines of this room. I took the whole thing really seriously, yet still I had fun.

And I felt vindicated in some small way, like all the time I’ve spent working on my own silly music somehow helped me to get this task done today, to get something real and substantial done. I love it when something that I’ve done that’s been so insular and private becomes something I can share with other people.

I may be an unemployed bum but listening to the tracks I produced today I can’t help but think that my talent, that my skills, helped bring that magic out of her. I may not have a job but I have a passion, a fire, a creativity.

And what’s more important?