Four Breasts

I wrote nineteen pages of material on Friday so when I spent all day Saturday playing computer games, I didn’t feel so bad. I was sick, Stef was sick, and I was generally unmotivated. We went out for breakfast, we went out for lunch, and then, because we got distracted, we skipped dinner. Our house is a mess. There are empty soda bottles and Fruit2O bottles everywhere. The floor in the kitchen and dining room is still sticky from where I dropped the bottle of Worcestershire sauce earlier in the week. We had cleaned it once, but it needs to be cleaned again.

Basically, we’re useless to the rest of the world right now. She’s finishing up the last of her projects for her degree. I’m prepping to enter the final semester of mine. We don’t have any energy to do anything other than work, schoolwork, and sleep to recover the energy spent doing the other two things.

Sometimes it bothers me. Most of the time, I’m just letting it slide. My hope is that it will all work itself out someday, that we aren’t the slobs we seem to be right now.

I watched TV, too. Dr. 90210 was on. There was a woman on who, thanks to overactive hormones, had grown two extra breasts following childbirth. She had four breasts! She couldn’t afford the surgery, but he did it for free. It was kind of gross and it was scary, because she was supposed to stop smoking a month before the surgery and it didn’t seem like she had. When she woke up, she was wheezing so bad I thought she was going to die on the operating table.