Stern Punishment or Not Stern Enough?

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard about the scuffle between NBA players and fans during a basketball game in Detroit on Friday night. Today, when they announced the length of the suspensions for the players involved, I was really disappointed. Ron Artest, the worst of the offenders, was only suspended for the season. I thought they should have banned him for life, kicked him out of the league for good. Now that would have really sent a message.

I mean, the guy had already been begging for a couple of months off to go out and promote his rap CD. Now the league has given him that. He goes out and promotes it and then next season, his job is right there waiting for him. Sure, he loses a lot of money, but he and all the rest are already fucking overpaid.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there on that. The pictures they’ve been showing of this scene all weekend are really digusting to me as a sports fan and as a human being. Then again, this is America we live in. These are the same people who voted W back into office. So, I guess I shouldn’t expect much.

I’ll go back to napping and trying to get rid of this nasty cold now. And maybe, if I’m lucky, on Monday, I’ll get more schoolwork done. I really need to catch up on that before Thanksgiving.