I’m watching the Queer Eye Thanksgiving special. It’s making me laugh, and that is always good. They’re having back a bunch of the bozos that they’ve made over in the past year. I forgot how over the top of some of them are. One of them, as I type, is doing a dinosaur impression. I was just glad that the twins, who were always wrestling, didn’t break down and start laying the smack down in the middle of the party.

I’ve been thinking that it might be worthwhile to get this webpage back to a more blog-like place and less of a journal-like place. After all, how many times can I write about what I did during my lunch break and make it sound interesting. On the other hand, I do have lots of things to say about lots of trivial subjects. They might not be intelligent things, but they are things.

So, I started exploring how I might do that with the current program I have installed. Some of it might be easier than I imagined. But, I still think there are things that other, more recent programs could do better. I just wish that these other, more recent programs would do the very basic things that my current program does without any tweaking.

Uhm, what else? I did a count of how many pages of my novel I’ve written so far. Without ever really feeling like it was an exhaustive effort, I have managed to punch out 111 pages so far. That’s impressive, no?

I still have a coughy-type cold. I don’t like it. I wish it would go away.

Yes, I am aware that the writing on this page is not a great advertisement for my writing ability.