Turkey Day Eve

On the Wednesday before Turkey Day, I worked and then I came home and then Stephanie and I drove up to Maine. During all of this, I was fighting a cough that wouldn’t quit. During all of this I was thinking about my novel and also about my desire to upgrade the system that runs this site and maybe, just maybe, to create a weblog/journal to display the writing talents of several of my friends whose talents I don’t feel I get to see enough of.

The system that I’ve been thinking about upgrading to is Expression Engine, from pMachine. Right now I use pMachine 2.2.1 to run this site. Expression Engine is the newest software from the company, it has many new features I’m dying to use, and, most importantly, it seems to share most of the same interface and basic structural elements that I love about the system I’m using now.

I also have been thinking about what songs might be playing during certain scenes in my novel if it were ever turned into a film. Mostly, I’m thinking you would hear a lot of Kay Hanley, The So and Sos, maybe a Dresden Dolls song or two, and, the piece de resistance, Madonna’s “Dress You Up”.

I’ve been letting my mind wander a bit, no?