Over the past couple of days, Stef has kinda-sorta given her blessing for me to move forward with purchasing Expression Engine. Today, I spent a lot of time looking over beautiful CSS-designed sites and checking out how the coding works with Expression Engine via their online manual. It seems like this will be a very good move for me. And so, for my own sanity, and because of my desire to really make even more out of this page than it is now, I will be moving forward with a move to Expression Engine and a new design.

I do this every year or so, and right around this time too, so it shouldn’t be all that shocking. One of the differences is, having spent so much time wandering around the CSS Zen Garden, I want to really clean up the code of the site. I started to last year, but I want to push it even further.

I mean, the ideal code for an HTML document, in this age of CSS, should look like what our first pages looked like back in 1996 or 1997, before we even knew about tables. I should be using H1 tags and so on. Tables should only be used for the display of tabular information, not for design. And the whole she-bang should be made to look good using CSS.

I mean, if you use your browser to view the source of this site right now, you’ll see that it already does most of this. But, it could be even better.

And so, as a little side-project for the next couple of months, I’ll be making the move. The Bastad will become about more than what I did for lunch. It will look better than it ever has before. And maybe, if you’re lucky, they’ll be a place for user-submitted content.

Ahhh…. who knows? Maybe it’ll all be a collosal failure. But, I need something to focus on other than making my computer look like a Mac.