Site Design

One thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve patrolled the web today is that long lists of links to your friends’ pages are now back in vogue. Sure, they’re often called “blogrolls” now, but whatever. It’s the same thing as those old link pages we used to spend hours compiling and recompiling. Only now we’ve got automated programs to take care of it for us. Or something.

And speaking of things you find on the Internet:

The above image is from a little site I found during my surfing of the links I plan on including in my own blogroll when the site redesign goes live. It seems to be a blog or magazine of some sort and the Page 73 Girl is just one of their many features. But, I think it’s probably one of the better ones. I’m sure Erik will appreciate the most recent-update, shot, apparently, in a comic book and anime shop.

I spent a lot of time working on a new design for the site today. I am loving the stuff that I’m doing. It’s a take-off on the current design that just feels amped up a hundred percent. It’s more me than any design I’ve yet done. I’m sure some won’t like it, but they can blow me.

The time I didn’t spend working on the site I spent hanging out with Stephanie and wandering around the mall trying to finish a Christmas list for Stef and I and trying to come up with gift ideas for others.